Hi, my name's Chris, and I am the creator of Horton Dev. If you couldn't tell, I like to make games, and I hope that one day I can make a career out of it. I started documenting my journey with Horton Dev on my discord, but later moved it onto a WordPress site. Now, you are viewing Horton Dev on a new and improved website written from scratch by me.
Horton Dev may have started with me, but now it is much bigger. Since I went to Rochester Institute of Technology in the Fall of 2021 I have met new friends and collaborated on projects under the name Horton Dev. Today, my friend Yazz has helped me create two projects, and I wouldn't be here with out her.
The name Horton Dev comes from my dog’s name: Horton. He is a shitzu-yorkie mix, or a shorkie, and he has been around longer than I have been making games. He is my most loyal subject, so in his honor I will name my game development endeavors after him.
As full-time students, exploring our passion is really tough while trying to manage time and money. Although I would be doing this anyways even if the world were falling apart, financial support helps us more than you could imagine.
If you want to support us personally, you can donate on the pages of any of the games we have made. The money from the games we make goes straight back to the developers. If you want to donate to Horton Dev as a whole, check out the Horton Fund below:
The Horton Fund takes care of ALL Horton Dev developers by picking up costs that enable making games easier. This includes licensing for music and softwares, buying or repairing hardware, and aiding with the cost of servers.
Rewards for donors will come in the future. We are always extremely grateful for your patronage - Horton Dev 😁.